Some things that you should consider.

Dalyan and its people are usually very nature bound. Many of the locals fit more or less meticulous in your environment. This includes if you are a smoker, to dispose of cigarette butts properly. If you are out in nature, please adjust to reflect that no burning cigarettes get into the woods. Mostly it does not rain for several months in this region, thus the forests are very dry and therefore highly flammable.

It is not popular to walk only only with the bikini through the village. It would be great to wear a T-Shirt.

If you want to change money, you should do it during the day in the post office or the bank. Each locals will be happy to change money, but you get almost a worse exchange.

While it is a beautiful thing in the evening to take a walk on the beach, but this is forbidden on Iztuzu beach after 20 clock.